Juvena Specialists Moisture Plus Gel Mask

Specialists Moisture Plus Gel Mask

Brand: Juvena

Brand Line: Juvena Specialists

ID: #14798

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  • Designed for dry, tensioned & irritable skin .
  • Developed with SkinNova SC Technology.
  • Encourages skin's lifelong renewal potential to improve skin's quality .
  • Blended with a nourishing complex.
  • Helps invigorate, cool & moisturize skin.
  • Creates a pacified, relieved & “new born” skin.


Barcode: 9007867730133
Original name Specialists Moisture Plus Gel Mask
Skin type Normal , Dry , For all skin types
Type products for the face and body Mask , Gel
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Removal of irritation , Skin nutrition , Calming effect

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2 Review(s)

3.5 / 5

Reviews (2)

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Robin Stanisic - van der Vegt
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LIFE SAFER. This mask was recommended to me when I was desperate about my skin. I tried the dermalogica line for sensitive skin, but it didn't work. My skin was ruined from pro-longer anti-biotics, I burned fast, it itched and everything caused irritation. Then someone suggested to use this as a cream. I use it as a night cream and I wake up with calm, hydrated, glowing skin.

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Christine Burke
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Juvena. It’s Juvena - and for that reason I purchased this product. It’s just ok - I don’t believe it does anything for my skin. Will not purchase again.

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